How To Know All The Best Texas Holdem Hands Without Tortuous Lame Answers From Drunk Poker Players

Sick of trying to decode half-baked explanations from half-drank poker players? Discover all the best Texas Holdem hands right now the easy way, guaranteed. Read this article now.

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Knowing how to play is only half of the steps to becoming a good Holdem player. Understanding your hand rankings will help you greatly as you play through the rounds and make a hand out of the hole and community cards. Refer to the list below for the poker hands available to you from strongest to weakest so that you know how to make the Best Texas Holdem Hands. 
Straight Flush – This is the best hand possible. An unbeatable variation for this is a Royal Flush which contains the A, K, Q, J and Ten of the same suit. A straight flush is a combination of five cards in a series and in the same suit.
Four of a Kind – These contain four cards of the equal ranking plus an unrelated card on the side called the kicker. Ex. QQQQ5
Full House – These are cards with two sets that are both of the same rank. One set is comprised of three cards and the other, a pair. Ex.JJJ88
Flush – This combination contains five cards that are the same suit but are not necessarily in order.
Straight – These are cards in a sequence but belong to different suits.

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Three of a Kind – These are three cards of the same number plus two unrelated side cards or kickers. Ex. TTT75 
Two Pair – This is a combination that has two pairs of cards that of equal rank and one kicker on the side.
One Pair – This card combination contains one pair of cards that have the same rank plus three side cards or kickers. Don’t be fooled into thinking that one pair is one of the best Texas Holdem hands in play – it probably won’t be.
High Card – These are card combinations that cannot be classified into any of the lists above. This hand is still playable depending on the high card or the card with the highest ranking among the five.
Ties are not common in Holdem. They are usually broken by card rankings and kickers. In the event these fail and active players still have the same hand value, the pot must be split among those still in the game.
It’s important you understand fully all of the best Texas Holdem hands so that know if you are holding it or not. Generally you want to play hard when you have the best possible hand.
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