Auto Pilot Betting Review

Is Auto Pilot Betting software a scam? There has been a lot of interest in the betting community recently discussing about how this piece of software actually works. In order to profit from it, users will have to place bets that are found by this software in exactly the right amounts as it states.
What Type of Betting Strategy Will You Learn From Using the Autopilot Betting Software?
The end result is to create a situation whereby the user will have a no-risk betting situation whereby he either generates a profit at the end or breaks-even. Of course, to the uneducated punter, it certainly sounds too good to be true and unlikely to happen. There is no bookmaker or betting exchange website that will provide odds whereby a punter can bet on all outcomes and not expect to make a loss. To profit from this software, users will have to place their bets on different bookmaker websites and take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity. 
What Exactly Does the Auto Pilot Betting Software Do For You?
The software scans 100s of online sports bookmaker sites every day looking for such opportunities and presenting them to its users. It is a completely legal way to bet but would require a lot of time if it were to be done manually. Your bets will never be placed with the same bookmakers, and users will also learn tips to ensure that the money in their betting accounts are safe and not risked with reckless bets. 
The Development Process of the Auto Pilot Betting Software
This piece of software had been under development for many months prior to its release, and members can see the improvements that have been made each month in their membership area. It was also tested extensively on their owners’ own accounts to ensure that the software feeds real-time odds and can update their members in a timely fashion to ensure they get in these arbitrage opportunities in the fastest time possible. 
The development team behind this software has promised that they will keep updating their product frequently if there are changes with how the bookmaker websites operate, thus my membership will allow me to get all updated versions of this software when they are made available.

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